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Elias Moser alias Mind.Vision is a young DJ and producer from Switzerland.
In his early teenager years he detected the electronic music genres.
After a while of listening to different kinds of electronic music, he began to fall in love with the progressive trance.

At the age of 17 he bought his first DJ equipment. After he has played music some time for himself, he finally got his first gigs. With the years he could play at bigger and more famous events.

Mind.Vision played at the same events as: Fabio Fusco, Audiomatic, Ranji, Liquid Soul, Interactive Noise, Naturalize a.m.m.

In switzerland he’s already well known for his offbeat powered sets which make the crowd go crazy.

Elias was very keen to produce his own beats as soon as possible. So at the end of 2018 he started to produce and create his own beats with cubase. After he has published some of his tracks, he got great feedbacks from people who listened to it.

So stay tuned for a lot of new stuff coming its way.

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