Techno, house, rock, pop and orchestral music are as many shades LEDNA uses to colour his tracks. Through melody driven electronic music he started expressing his palette with his singles “Fading” (2019) and “Fly” (2020). With his newest single “Crazy, White” he further refined his sound into 2021, a year in which he plans to dedicate himself to music and kick-start his career.

LEDNA is the moniker of Dutch electronic musician Seth van Andel. At a young age he started to play the guitar and soon began playing in rock bands. After being drawn towards electronic music, in 2018 he decided to incorporate his guitar-tinged background into this new realm. His productions are seeking to merge the organicness of real instruments with the uncompromised energy of electronic music. The ambition for the next chapter is to further develop this atmospheres by putting out more music and forming this into a performing act.

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